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Shamaaza Earthlife Tours and Travel is a corporate entity regulated by law and governed by professional bodies of tour operators, and strive to enrich our visitors with memorable and unforgettable travel experiences. We proudly present a selection of exciting and fascinating safaris to the exceptionally beautiful and attractive destination in Uganda as well as Rwanda. We envision complete satisfaction of our clients by fulfilling their expectations. We pride ourselves with a team of experienced and professional guides who have conducted numerous trips and have given our clients memorable experience and value for their money. With us, you are assured of the best safari in Africa, as client’ satisfaction is one of our major motivating factors! Further, our trips aren’t restricted to only taking you to the itinerary destinations but rather they are designed to enable you relax, enjoy your time and have memorable experiences.

Step in the jungle to track Primates

Primate Tracking

A gorilla trekking safari is a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounter. Imagine coming eye-to-eye with a mountain gorilla. A big part of what makes the gorilla trek so special is that these big apes are so closely related to humans (the difference in DNA is only about 1.6%). They do seem to touch a nerve when they look at us with interest. The gorillas’ natural habitat is restricted to a relatively small area in a historically turbulent region. But this region has stabilized and tourism is picking up throughout, which make gorilla tours increasingly accessible. Habitat loss is now the main obstacle to the survival of gorillas, and money spent on gorilla tourism goes a long way in securing their survival. African mountain gorillas have a very small range which extends over three countries: Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC. All three countries offer amazing gorilla trekking experiences, but there are differences. Uganda is most developed for tourism and has the most to offer in addition to gorilla trekking. You can do a safari in Uganda that covers several savannah wildlife reserves, chimp trekking and gorilla trekking.
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A chimpanzee trekking safari offers a special opportunity to see our closest relatives at close proximity. Although it doesn’t get the same attention as gorilla trekking, the experience can be quite similar. The intelligence and social structure of chimps make them fascinating subjects for observation, and no two visits are the same. Chimpanzees live in communities ranging from 20 to 150 individuals. Like humans, they tend to have strong personalities. Their expressive faces make their identities easily recognized by us, even during a short visit. Lucky visitors will be able to hear their pant-hooting, a communal, loud calling session which can be triggered by anything that excites them

Chimpanzee trekking is totally different from the usual safari experience. As chimpanzees live in rainforest, the only access is by foot. Chimpanzee trekking is active and usually requires hiking for several hours to see chimps up close. A chimp trekking safari offers people a welcome break from game drives. Watching these great apes up close on foot is an amazing experience, almost on a par with gorilla trekking.
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