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Nyungwe forest National Park

The remarkably accessible Nyungwe Forest National Park contains the largest remaining tract of montane rainforest in East Africa. Montane rainforests are a rare and unique ecosystem, found only in mountainous areas above 1,000m/3,281ft within the tropical belt. The main attraction is primates including chimpanzees. Another highlight is the suspended canopy walk, offering a bird’s eye view into the dense forest.

Although not a classic safari destination, Nyungwe Forest National Park has a good variety of animals. Forest wildlife is often difficult to spot, but primates are the exception. Thirteen species are present, including chimpanzees and Rwenzori colobus monkeys which can both be tracked on separate activities. Another highlight is the terrestrial l’Hoest’s monkey which can often be found along the main road and in the campsite.

The scenery of Nyungwe Forest National Park is nothing less than spectacular. Even a drive on the main road will offer incredible views of the pristine rainforest canopy stretching over endless hills towards the Burundi border. A hike to a forest waterfall or to the vast open swamp area offer different glimpses into the stunning range of habitats.