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What you should Consider on a Chimpanzee tracking Safari

How fit should I be for a chimp trekking safari

Chimpanzee trekking requires a reasonable amount of fitness. It depends on where you will be trekking ¬– and to some extent it just depends on the day. Even in a particular park, every day can be different. You might find the chimps after 10 minutes or after two hours. And then they might be stationary, or feeding in trees, or they might be on the move. The latter can result in a very challenging trek as you try to keep up with them moving through the undergrowth at high speed. The terrain in some of the parks is hillier than in others. One of the easiest places to see chimpanzees is in Kibale Forest in Uganda. Other rewarding places to see chimpanzees are Mahale and Gombe Stream in Tanzania. However, here the terrain is very hilly, and a fair amount of fitness is required